The Mass of Annunciation is SUBMITTED!

My Mass of Annunciation has officially been submitted for review to OCP - which I have just learned stands for Oregon Catholic Press. I am nervous and excited about it, but honestly, even if my mass setting is not approved right now for publication with OCP, it is quite an accomplishment just to have finished composing a mass setting. And I learned so much in the process, and am growing in putting myself out there. And facing potential rejection is part of that process. But I am so hopeful and excited for the possibility of seeing my name in print as a legitimate composer. Regardless, the Mass of Annunciation WILL be used. I don't need to be published in OCP for my mass setting to be used, thank goodness. It would just be a great honor to achieve publishing.

All in God's will and for His greater glory. Now begins the wait. I probably won't know for 6 months or so, which is the time allotted for the review process - interminable! But good things do come to those who wait, so I am content and at peace.

Be joyful today, and be grateful for all the beauty in your life. Know I am grateful for you too :)

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