Full of Grace: Songs of Surrender to Jesus through Mary


I was blessed and honored in September to share a bit of my walk with Jesus and the music that has sprung forth from that journey, at a lovely little gathering of woman called Faith and Wine. It is a monthly event that draws women that love Jesus from the Fort Myers/Naples area to come for a night, drink a little wine, fellowship and be refreshed.

I had the opportunity to do that refreshing, to minister to these ladies who many times have held me up when I needed help. I got to share some of my heart, some of my heartache and victories, and how the Lord has taken me from darkness to light, empty to full, control freak to surrendered in his will (or at least working on it!)

Be blessed and enjoy!

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Faith and Wine Event! PLEASE COME!

If you live in the Fort Myers/Naples area, CHECK IT OUT!
I'm presenting the first Faith and Wine night of the 2014-2015 season. It's coming up in a few weeks on September 25th, at St. John the Evangelist Church in Naples. As Christian women, it's so easy to get so caught up in caring for others, that we forget to make time to be refreshed ourselves. Let me minister to you for a night. Let me share what God has done for me and to me and through me.

Hope to see YOU there!

PLEASE NOTE A CHANGE FROM PREVIOUS YEARS: now you MUST preregister online. You can no longer pay at the door.

Check out more information here.

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