Wedding Music Order


 The following schedule will help you in outlining all the places that you will need music for your wedding.

Prelude - before the ceremony begins.
•    3-4 songs (20 minutes) to be sung as guests are arriving and being seated.
•    1 song for entrance of mothers of bride/groom, lighting of unity candle (if one is used), and their being seated.


•    1 song for entrance of bridal party. (Be sure to let your musicians know how many bridesmaids and flower girls/ring bearers you have, if any).
•    1 song for Bridal Entrance.

      Be aware that for all these entrances, depending on the length of your church's aisle and the number of people involved, you might hear only a verse and chorus of your song selection, or you might hear the entire song.

•    Responsorial Psalm (can be sung or spoken)
•    Alleluia and Gospel Acclamation (always sung)
•    Lighting of Unity Candle (if one is used)
      This only takes 45 seconds, so choose a chorus or selection only of a song. 
      The lighting of the Unity Candle generally happens right after your vows and exchanging of rings. 
•    Presentation of the Gifts
•    Mass Parts (Holy/Holy/Holy, Memorial Acclamation, Great Amen, Lamb of God)
•    Communion Hymn
•    Meditational Hymn or Hymn during ceremony to honor Our Lady (optional)
•    Processional Hymn

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