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If anyone asks Gabriela Frei what the desire of her heart is, the answer would undeniably be to sing for the Lord. A gifted pianist, composer, and songwriter, Gaby has been singing for as long as she can remember. And there can be no greater blessing than to combine doing what you love for Who you love.

Her music testifies to that love. For Gaby, music is the rhythm of life, a glimpse into eternity, a joining with the angels and saints in worship of God. It is her passion, her deepest joy. When she sings, she feels closest to the One who inspires her song. Her music has emerged from what the Lord has whispered in her heart over the years. It has become her ministry and mission to share with the world the healing and peace that God has poured into her life through music.

Gaby's voice has a quiet strength that appeals to young and old alike, and her music speaks to every heart, touching a chord deep within that inspires the listener to praise God. Gaby constantly turns to the Lord for inspiration to compose, play, and sing. Psalm 42:9, one of her life verses, declares: "...May the Lord bestow faithful love that I may sing praise..., praise to the God of my life." Gaby's sound is meditational, lyrical, eloquent, and soul-stirring. She sings from the depths of her heart, a musical biography that gives testimony to her personal encounter with the Lord:

She was married in 2008 to the man of her dreams, Jonathan Frei, and the two expanded their hearts to receive three beautiful children: Matthew, Daniel, and Natalie. They have brought unsurpassed joy into her heart. The Lord has used these little ones to teach Gabi more and more about what it means to trust. to be patient, to surrender, and most of all, to love wholeheartedly.

Please keep her in prayer, that God's will might be done for her life, and His glory achieved through her gift of music. 

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